"Magnificent! Breathtaking!" - Joe Morgenstern, WALL STREET JOURNAL
"Unforgettable!" - Kevin Thomas, LOS ANGELES TIMES
"THUMBS UP!" - Joel Siegel and Roger Ebert

Academy Award winning feature documentary, filmed in five countries, chronicles the lives of five Hungarian Holocaust survivors.

The winner of the 1998 Academy Award for Best Feature Documentary, The Last Days traces the compelling experiences of five Hungarian Holocaust survivors who fell victim to Hitler’s brutal war against the Jews during the final days of WWII.

Including newly discovered historical footage and a rare interview with a former Nazi doctor at Auschwitz, the film tells the remarkable story of five people – now a grandmother, a teacher, a businessman, an artist, and a U.S. Congressman – as they return from the United States to their hometowns and to the ghettos and concentration camps in which they were imprisoned.

Through the eyes of the survivors and other witnesses, The Last Days recounts one of the most brutal chapters of this dark period in human history, when families were taken from their homes, stripped of their dignity, deported to concentration camps and ultimately murdered. Above all, The Last Days is a potent depiction of personal strength and courage.