Broken Silence

Produced in association with the Shoah Foundation, Broken Silence is a series of five international films about human courage, heroism, and triumph over adversity during WWII.

This Christopher Award-winning series was aired internationally in Poland, Russian, Argentina, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Israel, and in the United States on HBO’s Cinemax network.

“Some Who Lived”
Argentine Filmmaker Luis Puenzo (director of the Academy Award winning film "The Official Story") directed this Spanish-language film, weaving together testimonies from Holocaust survivors now living in Argentina and Uruguay with archival and modern-day footage. Puenzo also explores the connections between Nazism and the darker chapters in Argentine history.

“Eyes of the Holocaust”
Director Janos Szasz, the son of Holocaust survivors, directed this Hungarian-language documentary that focuses on the experiences of survivors who were children during the Holocaust.

“Children from the Abyss”
Russian Holocaust survivors detail their experience of resistance, betrayal, collaborators, rescuers, bystanders and the desire for revenge. Directed by Pavel Chukhraj (Academy Award nominee for his film “The Thief”)

“I Remember”
Academy Award honoree Andrzej Wajda directed this Polish-language documentary about four survivors who were either helped or betrayed by their Polish neighbors.

“Hell on Earth”
Renowned Czech filmmaker Vojtech Jasny directed this Czech-language documentary, a look at Theresienstadt, the “model” Czech ghetto set up by the Nazis to deceive the world about how well the Jews were treated.